Monday, 1 October 2018

Goodnight Irene

Something a bit special today. For one day only, I have a band.
They are some of the ukulele players from all over the world who take part in a weekly online challenge called The Seasons Of The Ukulele. Each week one person sets a theme, and everyone else chips in with songs which fit the theme.
When I opened this song up to allcomers, they piled in with ukes of all sizes, harmonies, a mandolin, and a technical headache for me!
But after a lot of fiddling & mixing, here they are. On the left we have Ylle (Finland), and John (West Yorkshire, UK). Over on the right, Linda (Arizona, USA), Alan (Texas, USA), Mikkel (Denmark), and, popping up in the chorus, Brian (NSW, Australia).
I proudly present The Fabulous Seasonistas!

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